Middletons Fishcamp and Campground, Lake Kissimmee, Florida  
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Our Encyclopedia


While enjoying a exciting airboat tour with us, taking in a great day of fishing or just relaxing at the campground by the lake you will be surrounded by fascinating and beautiful wildlife. We have put together a brief encyclopedia to show you some of the wildlife you can expect to see with us.


 Bird Encyclopedia

Click here to see some of the beautiful and endangered species that call Lake Kissimmee home. While on a airboat tour you may encounter any of these species of beautiful birds. Our Airboat Tours offer you a great opportunity to take pictures and see these birds in their natural habitat.


 Reptile Encyclopedia

Click here for information about some of the reptiles you will see with us, including the Florida Alligator. The Florida Alligator is a huge star on our airboat tours.

We are part of the Great Florida Birding Trail.